CAPITAL AFRICA interests integrate a constructive approach in order to secure the right land, design the most efficient- and economic processing facility, develop the most economic logistical framework and secure both national- and international demand. The Company supports realization of agricultural businesses by: (1) Managing & integrating governance tools, (2) Maintain & Manage assets, (3) Assess & Develop company capacity, (4) Explore &develop Markets and, (5) Develop & Establish financial products for investors.

Investment Products with Character

CAPITAL AFRICA continues to lobby for- and seek to leverage to secure better opportunities in a more diverse- and sustainable agricultural market. CAPITAL AFRICA understands how to mitigate risks on behalf of its clients, secure high yield on investments, offer a customized investment package. Our management team delivers on a ‘shared vision’ of the best possible financial products.

The Company policies of intervention rest upon integrity, transparency, accessibility and accountability in order to create the right financial products for clients. To ensure the implementation of these policies with full commitment, we strive to design our investment products to your personal requirements through a code of conduct that embraces both excellence & professionalism.

CAPITAL AFRICA recognizes the core values that bring vitality and character to our financial products through the creation of sustainable agricultural businesses. Together with our Partners and Associates, we continue to take responsibility for the ‘Growth in Agriculture’.

Our Farming Culture

The management of CAPITAL AFRICA has its roots in International public relations, bio-diversity & quality control management, team building & processing management, manufacturing & design and, farming concepts & implementation. CAPITAL AFRICA continues to value this heritage through a unique culture of relationships that are built to deliver upon investment returns.

Through its insistent support to the six subsidiaries in its agricultural portfolio, the Company continues to share and exchange a rich culture of commitment with our partners, employees, clients and the bilateral environment.

Farming Success

CAPITAL AFRICA has booked some considerable successes in Stevia production, Moringa production, chia production, milk production and biological fertilizer production. Please contact our customer care & sales team for the most suitable- & beneficial investment opportunity for you!