CAPITAL AFRICA is a unique investment company with its focus on core financial activities on agricultural markets of EAST-AFRICA. With its primary goal to seek reliable-, efficient- and predictable investment returns for its shareholders and investment partners, CAPITAL AFRICA’s company structure is built to identify markets, secure land, and build farming concepts with its Key Partners. CAPITAL AFRICA is working according to own guidelines that ensure sustainable farming projects, both in the ecological sense as well as in terms of corporate social responsibility & company ethics. We consider ourselves “HOT”: Honest, Open and Transparent.

CAPITAL AFRICA’s support services reach beyond the conventional approach by providing turn-key investment opportunities that can be split into small-scale investments in very much the same manner as crowd-funding structures are organized. CAPITAL AFRICA offers its clients a financial opportunity where investments are secured against (1) a property title deed, and (2) a supplementing agreement where our consortium guarantees a high yield on investment for a period of 5 to 10 years.

With an active company investment support portfolio in East Africa, CAPITAL AFRICA continues to expand its interest to secure its mission of ‘Growth in Agribusiness.’

Through this fundamental value, our team of experts assist clients to secure (1) high yield on investments, (2) mitigate risks, (3) support growth in the agrigultural sector and most importantly, (4) ensure the sustainable implementation of corporate responsibility programs. The Board of Directors of CAPITAL AFRICA is highly experienced in doing business in Africa and has the knowledge, experience and business network that are required to implement successful projects in agribusiness across Africa.

Creating value

CAPITAL AFRICA focuses on playing a governing role in the implementation of investments that are backed by market access with an added value through bio-certification & processing facilities. This value addition will create a significant impact in the agribusiness in Africa.

Farming is our Business 

CAPITAL AFRICA develops projects that secure your investment through sustainable farming businesses that are developed in collaboration with reputable- and reliable partners. With an extremely accessible- and largely horizontal organizational structure, CAPITAL AFRICA has a flexible nature of decision making, which enables it to adequately respond to challenges that our farming businesses face in the context of demand fluctuation, climate change and competition.

Investment Partners

CAPITAL AFRICA company policy welcomes investors that seek to become a shareholder in one of our farming businesses and secure a high yield of investment of as high as 25% on initial investments.

Our Motto is ‘Cultivation of Empowerment’

CAPITAL AFRICA continues to invest in corporate responsibility programs where it seeks to develop a sustainable impact on local communities by creating high quality jobs, provide adequate training to staff & outgrowers through building schools, libraries and community centers in the surrounding areas of the farms.